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Ecotrust Events Donates Community Kitchen: Fed Project

The Redd on Salmon Street is an action-packed mission driven campus that works to advance a more equitable, restorative, and delicious regional food system. This unique campus comprises two buildings: Redd West; a hub that provides food entrepreneurs with the critical infrastructure needed to grow their business within the regional food system and Redd East; a 30,000+ square foot community gathering center.

Photos by Andie Petkus Photography, Sally Painter Photography

Redd East houses four beautiful, industrial rental spaces: Main Hall, Board Room, Community Kitchen and Plaza & Parking Lot. Each can be used singularly or in-conjunction with one another. This dynamic setting allows us to host a vast array of events ranging from a 10 person meeting in the stunning Board Room to a whopping 650 person gala utilizing the entire building.

The Redd Community Kitchen takes on a particularly special role in this ecosystem as it connects the community with spectacular food experiences, showcasing the Redd Campus’ mission. This space has hosted monumental cooking events ranging from Bon Appetit’s Brad Leone demoing a fried mac ‘n’ cheese ball recipe during Feast Portland to Chef James Bradley of Po’Shines teaching guests all about butchery during the venue’s opening event, Redd Reveal.

Photos by Shawn Linehan Photography

2020 was set to be our best year yet. As a team, we were filled with energy and ready to take on a calendar full of amazing events. These plans were quickly halted as looming concerns of Covid-19 had become a reality: we couldn’t host events for the time being due to public safety concerns and government issued mandates restricting gatherings. Between all of Ecotrust Events’ venues, our spring calendar alone included numerous nonprofit galas, conferences, festivals, weddings, proms, and so much more.

It is no secret that the virus has systematically impacted business of all types and at the Redd, we certainly felt that. During this sudden transition, we were presented with a glairing question, “how do we best utilize the venues during a global pandemic?”

Weeks later, a plan was set in motion. In collaboration across the Redd Campus, Ecotrust excitedly introduced a new partnership with Feed the Mass, a local organization that specializes in bringing food to the people. This partnership was made possible by maximizing the unique intersection of the work Ecotrust encompasses. Emma Sharer, the Redd’s Campus Manager, has a direct connection to the food community at large. She masterfully facilitated a relationship across the Campus. Ecotrust Events, led by Jeanne Kubal, VP of Events and Engagement, was eager to host this work and donate the Redd Community Kitchen while the building is not in use due to the pandemic.

Redd East’s Community Kitchen is now filled with vibrant new energy, ready to tackle some of the issues brought to the forefront at this uncertain time.

Photos by Emilie Chen

The Redd’s state-of-the-art kitchen is the temporary home to Feed The Mass’ Fed Project, a mission led by Chef and Executive Director Jacobsen Valentine. The Fed Project addresses issues of job loss, food insecurity, and food waste that has been on the rise since March. Through donations and the generous support of volunteers, the Fed Project prepares and distributes meals to the community at large.

The Fed Project is able to safely utilize the 2,206 square foot space while abiding by social distancing standards. The large gas range has assisted in the creation of everything from delicious chickpea masala with pita bread to vegetable filled yakisoba. The Community Kitchen’s multiple refrigerators and ample storage space has housed generous donations that have been given by the likes of Airbnb Portland and Kiyokawa Family Orchards, to name a few.

Photos by Emilie Chen

In the weeks of operation thus far, The Fed Project has already created 1000+ healthy, free meals for individuals and families out of the Redd Community Kitchen. Beginning this week, the Fed Project will be steadily cranking out 600 meals a week. Anyone who needs a meal is welcome, no questions asked.

Meals are available Monday and Tuesday between 12pm and 1pm at the SE 9th St. entrance of the Redd (831 SE Salmon St. Portland, OR 97214)

Find out more about The Fed Project, including opportunities to donate, volunteer, or become an ambassador for the program here.

While we are eager to reunite with our community and host events again in Ecotrust’s Event Spaces, we are happy to see such meaningful work taking place under the Redd roof during this globally challenging time.

See more pictures from Fed in the Community Kitchen

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